Venue: O’Loughlin’s Hotel – Saturday 24 June 2017

Before the Marvel Universe, there was celtic mythology, which had its roots in the midlands of Ireland. The magical and mystical people who ruled the realm were superheroes by any other name; you can really see the parallels between blockbuster heroes and those of mythology.

They share difficult upbringings, orphanhood, banishment and bear curses and burdens that the ordinary man would be felled by. No wonder, then, that the old Celtic heartland of the midlands loves comics and cosplay – drama and love of tall tales run through the blood of their people.

This year’s Celtic Con, in the ancient and wonderful midlands, will bring communities of comic lovers to life as people fill the venue in their keenly observed outfits; they are often so detailed and authentic looking that they wouldn’t look out of place on a movie set.

There will be a geek market selling all the merchandise you’ve ever dreamed of while your gaming heart’s desires will be fulfilled in the gaming zone, which itself will be full of retro, recent, and independent games.

Of course, the main stage will be where it’s really at; a highlight will surely be Mike Carroll, who is best known (and worshipped) for writing Judge Dredd stories. He’s a big cheese when it comes to graphic storytelling, so if you ever hope to scale the heady heights of the Marvel Universe, you should settle into a seat in the front row.

In addition, this year’s Celtic Con is on the hunt for a new mascot, so get your pencils sharpened and a thinking cap on…you may well be inspired to turn designer during this visually stimulating weekend of comic-themed treats.

There will be stages galore offering up all kinds of manga, cosplay and geeky treats so let your freak flag fly at this brilliantly creative festival.

From €10/€5